Football Sandal/Flip-Flop

Greeting to the upcoming event of  World Cup 2010 South Africa. Then We are proudly launched our products , new stylish flip-flop or sandal . Anybody interested in this products, contact us, and we will provide you with pleasure.

We can provide you in a big scale order or small order, please contact us for more detail. The above picture are just some samples, we are also welcome if you order a spesific theme of sandal/flip-flop.

Thank You


Intiqoly Sandal is the experience producer  in fashion industry, especially in sandal and flip-flop production. We are located in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia which has been famous as the best sandal and flip-flop producer.

Our famous product is football(soccer) sandal or flip-flop. for the detail information about the product available in this website.And we also produce several type of sandal and flip-flop based on the fashion need (batik sandal,home sandal/flip flop).

We have a lot of experience in importing our products to overseas, our market are mostly in Africa and Middle East, and soon We plan to reach Europe market as upcoming goal. Our service are providing import demand, local demand, and also internet sale. Therefore, by touring this website, can be seen the sample of our products. Then you can order a piece or you can order in a big scale. And what make us different from the others that we can provide you sandal or flip flop based on your style, just send us the sample of the style, then we will make it come true.

So, enjoy touring this website, then hope we wait your order.